This master file contains all  5000 words from Russian Quad-Vocab, in a format that is easy to use and manipulate.

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Quad-Vocab Master File

All 5000 words from Russian Quad-Vocab are in this Excel file.

They are organised into 7 useful tabs:


MASTER LISTS:         All the words from P10-95  (filterable by page and level)

Frequency Vocab:   All the words from P96-109  (filterable by page & part of speech)


Grammar Master:   All words/endings from P110-114

Grammar Tables:    All tables from P110-114  (useful for making posters!)

Verb Master:            Full conjugations of P16 verbs  (filterable by person & tense)

QV Quizlet Sets:      All Quizlet sets from QV

Errata:                       A list of corrections from the 3rd Edition

                                   (for those who purchased earlier copies or Russian Quad-Vocab)

There are also tips on how best to use the spreadsheet:  how to use the filters and how to create personalised Quizlet sets in minutes.