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Parallel Readers:  apps

Let's face it, only the keenest pupil is going to read a dual reader on a desktop or a laptop.  So, check out this app:  Parallel Texts Reader.  It's free, and it's been written by a (Russian?) chap called Ivan Savchenko.  It has over 200 ENG-RU dual-language books, some Russian classics, some English classics.


You can choose to read in Russian or in English, each sentence is divided up nicely on your phone screen.  You then just tap, and a translation appears.  

Parallel Readers:  websites

www.russianforfree.com has lots of helpful resources, one of which is a nice little page of dual readers (with audio files)

Wonderful Poetry resource

Yale University have a wonderful website called 'Poetry Reader for Russian Learners' which is great for pupils who want to explore Russian poetry on their own.  It features a selection of Russian poets from the past 200 years.  Each poem has an audio file, stressed text, translations when you hover over each Russian word, and some contextual detail in English.  There is also an accompanying book, but the website works wonderfully well on its own.