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Checking Declensions and Conjugations

It's great to know our endings tables, but as we all know, there are many Russian words whose endings don't quite do what they should.  How can we check?

I recommend a great little app called "VerboleLite" - 400 words (nouns, verbs, adjectives) with all endings.

Looks great - stem in blue, endings in red, stress marked too.  NAGDIP.

The basic version is free, so do give it a try, but a one-off payment of £2.99 is well worth it for "Verbole" - the full 60,000 word database.  A real bargain.

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How do I add stress to whole texts?

The Verbole app above does a great job for checking the stress of individual words, but what about if you want to add stress to a whole text?

Look no further than a great little free website called:


A free website that adds stress marks to Russian text.

There's also a Chrome extension that will do the same to any website.

TOP TIP!  www.russiangram.com is pretty good, but sometimes it will give you two options if unsure, e.g  всё|все.  You need to go through your document removing the alternates.  To help you do this you can use CTRL-F to find the ‘|’ sign, which will lead you to each pair of variants.

Can I add stress manually in Word/Excel?

You can...  and it will be useful at times.  


  1. Select ‘Insert’ menu (top)

  2. Select ‘Symbol’ (right)

  3. Select ‘More symbols’

  4. Character code: 0301


In Word, you can also set up a shortcut key from the Symbols menu mentioned above:

  1. Select ‘Shortcut key’

  2. Choose CTRL-` (top left key - you can pick any key, but this one is a good one!)

  3. Assign.  Close.

You can now easily insert stress by placing the cursor to the right of the vowel with your right hand, and pressing CTRL-` with your left!