This is my presentation to the Russian Teachers' Group (2018) entitled: 

"A busy teacher's guide to making resources"

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Example Resource made at RTG 2018 Conference (see left): 

Why doing sport is important

Think carefully before making your own resources!  They take a long time to do well - make sure you spend time efficiently, focussing first on making key resources that you can use again and again for multiple groups.

The internet is a wonderful resouce, and there are people across the world creating and sharing great content.  Pick your 'winners' and even when you are really busy, try to spend time exploring what already exists, before creating something from scratch...  And do the honourable thing and support those content creators where there is the opportunity to do so.  Consider the value of your own time, and how much their resource has saved you.

When there is so much content out there, and more every week, we all need some kind of a filter of what is most useful and less useful.  Hopefully this humble website will serve as a useful filter to some.  May God bless you.