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Jon Drury
Head of Russian
Sevenoaks School, UK

Jon Drury studied German and Russian (ab-initio) at Queens’ College, Cambridge from 1999-2003 and has worked at Sevenoaks School as Head of Russian since January 2007.

He has travelled to Russia on more than 25 occasions, the highlight of which was crossing Russia by the Trans-Siberian railway in autumn 2012. He particularly enjoys Russian lyric poetry and has worked on a number of translations of Pushkin’s work into English.

Jon is also an experienced hockey player/coach, a keen guitarist/singer and a committed Christian, and lives near Sevenoaks with his wife and young daughter.

Russian at Sevenoaks School

Russian has long been a key part of the languages curriculum at Sevenoaks. Over 100 pupils from Y8 to Sixth Form take the opportunity to uncover the riches of this captivating language and enigmatic culture.


Pupils enjoy a unique, challenging and enriching curriculum. A good number continue to study Russian at university.

We run a study/service trip to Russia each year, with pupils studying at the excellent Derzhavin Institute in St Petersburg.


We have developed links and service projects with a number of partner organisations, including the Moscow-based children’s charity ‘Maria’s Children’ and the two ‘therapeutic communities’ of Kitezh and Orion, which have been extremely rewarding for all concerned.

Our aim is not just to help pupils get to grips with this challenging language, but also to foster a deep interest in the culture of Russia, giving pupils the desire and the linguistic tools to set out confidently on their own adventures to further discover the country and people for themselves.

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