This PPT is a Visual Vocab builder aimed at weaker pupils preparing for their oral exam - helping them to have a number of simple words at their fingertips when using certain verbs or discussing certain topics.

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Visual Vocab Resources

set of simple Powerpoint files (and PDFs) helping beginners to build vocabulary (guided by a teacher) using only target language.

12 images per Powerpoint, some with related grammar drills.

         -  1st slide:  image + Russian underneath

         -  2nd slide:  jumbled images + Russian to the left

         -  3rd slide:  just images

         -  some files also have related grammar drills (more to be added)

Great for lesson starters, or for revision of topics & grammar.

The black links below are Powerpoint files; the red PDF links are best for tablets.



Many thanks to Daria Ivanovna, who produced these excellent resources while working with us at Sevenoaks School