This master file contains all 485 Quizlet Sets linked to Russian Quad-Vocab.

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Quad-Vocab on Quizlet

Finding Quizlet sets is easy.

If you know the page number (e.g. page 38):

            simply put "QV38" into the Quizlet search box.

If you don't know the page number but are looking for a set (e.g. clothes):                      simply put "RusQV clothes" into the Quizlet search box

For each page there are six Quizlet sets.  Three unstressed sets (easier for going into Russian) for All words; Level 1; Level 1+2.  Three stressed sets too.

TOP TIP:  Use the 'stars' in Quizlet to choose which words to focus on...

Quizlet Classes and Folders

Quizlet Class for:                     All Quad-Vocab sets


Quizlet Folders for P10-95:   Level 1 (stressed) 

                                                   Level 1 (unstressed)

                                                   Level 1+2 (stressed)

                                                   Level 1+2  (unstressed)

                                                   All Levels (stressed)

                                                   All Levels (unstressed)

Quizlet Folder for:                  Frequency Vocab (P96-109)

Quizlet Folder for:                  Grammar exercises (P110-114)