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The free app I wish I'd had as a student...
(when you want to know what a Russian would say,
when there's not one to ask)

A free website and app.  Offline dictionary also available (28MB)

Context function – type in a word, and it will give you a list of possible translations. But it will then also give you a list of parallel translations of full sentences using that word, so you can see it being used in context. You can also search for specific incidence of words in a particular form (e.g. in a certain case). You can also put in fragments of phrases e.g. ‘I just don’t understand’ to see different examples.  A good linguist will find this site invaluable.

Dictionary function – returns entries from an online Collins dictionary, with grammar info.

Conjugation function – great for seeing all forms of verbs (although you’ll need to know basic russian grammar terms)

Synonym function – great AI driven module to find synonyms

Phrasebook/Learn function - Remembers and tests you on words you have searched for

TOP TIP:  Get a free Google Chrome Extension for Reverso Context.

Once installed, you simply highlight a word in any document, and it will make translation suggestions.  Makes reading Russian websites a joy. 



Great for those wanting to improve pronunciation...

A free website that adds stress marks to Russian text.

There's also a Chrome extension that will do the same to any website.



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